Game Price (£)


Oven Ready Whole Woodpigeon 2.50 each

Woodpigeon Breast 1.40 each


Diced Venison 8.00 per kg sold in 500g packs

Minced Venison 6.50 per kg

Venison Loin 28.00 per kg

Venison Joint 15.00 per kg

Venison Haunch 8.00 per kg 

Venison Saddle 11.50 per kg

Venison Trim 6.00 per kg

Venison Steak 8.00 per pack of 2 – min weight 500g

Venison Burgers 10.00 per pack of 7


Pheasant Meat 4.00 per kg

Oven Ready Whole Pheasant 3.00 each

Pheasant Breast 1.30 each or 10.00 per pack of 10 


Oven Ready Whole Partridge 3.00 each


Game Pie Mix 8.00 per kg or 500g pack 3.25 per pack

Game Sausage 3.00 per pack of 5


Oven Ready Whole Mallard Duck 4.00 each

Mallard Duck Breast 2.50 each


Whole Rabbit 4.50 each

Please contact us for items not listed and/or volume discounts.